CataThumbs g 0.01

Create albums and images for instant printing or exporting


  • Creates overviews of your photos
  • Good for those that want a miniature record of their photos


  • Not very user friendly
  • Can be slow at processing images


CataThumbs is a free tool that allows you to print a catalogue of thumb shots or miniature shots in just a few clicks. You can use it to create HTML, RTF and PDF archives. It even has a button that in a matter of seconds, composes a message that you can send to yourself with all the images in the scale you require. You can also attach it as a PDF document too.

CataThumbs is designed to achieve a balance between functionality and complexity. However, sometimes it has problem locating all the image files you need on your hard drive. It can also prove a long drawn waiting for the program to minimise the photos into thumbnail views that are suitable to print.

If you've ever needed a complete printout of your photos in thumbnail or miniature form for easy viewing, this is a reasonable program although it isn't half as quick, or user friendly, as it should be for such a simple program.

Print a catalogue of thumbs directly on printer or create documents such as eMail, HTML, RTF (Word) and PDF. It enables you to create and overview of your photos in a few strokes.

This program allows you to do everything that you need in terms of miniaturising and thumb nailing your images for contact sheets, overviews of your photos or just general perusal.



CataThumbs g 0.01

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